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Airline "Aviastar" carries out flights by plane Tu-204 which meet the international requirements on ecology, have smaller fuel consumption and smaller working costs in comparison with other types of aircrafts. Our company has highly skilled flight and technicians who have been trained in firm "Tupolev" and has a wide experience of exploitation of Tu-204.

Since January, 2004 the company has started to carry out flights under own call sign. Principal views of activity Aviastar - it traditional and unique commercial flights on transportation of cargoes, luggage on the international and internal routes.

The basic customers are: Chapman Freeborn, Skylink, Military services of the USA and Great Britain and others.


+7 (495) 995-67-56,
Call acceptance from 09.00 till 18.00
The Zhukovsky
+7 (49648) 3-45-13